Your real estate trustees from Kitzbühel

Dear customer!

We are pleased to welcome you to our family business.

We have been specialising in the property market for almost 20 years and are now one of the longest established estate agents in the Kitzbühel district. Nowhere is the number of real estate advisors (real estate agents are only those who are also certified) greater than here in our home town, making it all the more important to turn to state-certified and certified professionals for all real estate matters.

Being close to our customers and their wishes is one of our most important goals, because it is through this trust that we are able to mediate or find your dream home for you in the Kitzbühel region.

We would like to invite YOU to our office for a first meeting and a personal consultation with US. YOU have the WISH and WE have the property!

Roman Gobec, certified real estate agent with KITZIMMO, real estate agent in Kitzbühel

Roman Gobec

Certified broker
+43 676 726 26 76

My school education started at the Gymnasium and afterwards at the Hotel Management School-Tourism School at the Wilder Kaiser, which I successfully completed after 3 years with my diploma
as a hotel manager. Since 2015 I have been working in my father's company and have turned my passion into my profession. In 2018 I passed the examination for real estate agent. In our company I have specialized in architectural photography with
our professional photo equipment and I photograph our objects with the eyes of our customers.

Franz Gobec, real estate trustee, property manager, developer at KITZIMMO, the real estate agent in Kitzbühel

Franz Gobec

CEO, RR Bgm.a.D.
+43 676 704 71 20

My professional career has led me from the banking sector, through state management and the mayor's office to the property development industry and finally to independence as a real estate trustee, property manager and now also as a property developer in Kitzbühel.

I am pleased to offer you my decades of profound knowledge in terms of both professional competence and personal commitment. I am proud that my two sons are now actively involved in
of my company.

Markus Gobec, certified real estate assistant at KITZIMMO, the real estate agent in Kitzbühel

Markus Gobec

Certified Real Estate Assistant
+43 676 721 36 60

After I completed my training as a wood technician in Kuchl (Salzburg), I was employed for 5 years at the company EGGER in St. Johann. Since 2017 I have also been working in my father's company and am pleased to be able to work in the family business. Our common goal is the optimal support of our customers!
My tasks include managing our office and coordinating our many appointments. I have specialized in
virtual 3-D tours. At the moment I am doing my training as a property developer.

Our philosophy

Real Estate Franz Roman Gobec Kitzimmo Real Estate Agent Buy Top Number 1 real estate property

WE are convinced that for every profession in which you deal with people, you should act according to your personal philosophy. For us, marketing real estate is a quality-related task that intervenes far into the personal living space of people.

The person who separates from a property probably gives up a part of his life's work. The one who buys one Object wants to create a new environment in which he feels comfortable.

Real estate trading is one of the activities for UNS where the greatest basis of trust between buyer and seller, but above all the broker, is required. After all, living in a property is directly related to health and well-being and thus to the very individual development of each person's personality.

One thing we have learned unmistakably in our years of professional experience,
where we have always had to deal with people:
The best advertising is the satisfied customer - and that is exactly OUR goal!