Science with historical background

In earlier times, farms, castles and palaces were "geomantically" (earthy) oriented and still stand today, especially in Kitzbühel, in the "best places" - power places! Today, however, people hardly have the opportunity to choose good places anymore and have to make do with the building site that is available and can be bought.

No wonder that many people then no longer feel comfortable in their own four walls and even become ill.

GEOMANTIE is an ancient Western science that designs living spaces according to the needs of the human soul in harmony with the power of the place where it lives. GEOMANTIE is in the broadest sense nothing else than Feng Shui - only that Feng Shui is meant for the Asian living space, but GEOMANTIE has a much better effect on our western mentality.

GEOMANTIE is the knowledge that all living beings of our planet are under the influence of heaven and earth and should live in absolute unity and harmony to experience health and happiness and above all to feel good.

Applied GEOMANTIE uses the influences and forces of nature to turn a building site, a house or an apartment into a "place of power", thus creating the conditions for the people who live there to lead a harmonious life. When searching for a property, I start from this knowledge and try to select properties according to radiesthetic and geomantic experiences, if possible, so that my clients really feel comfortable in their home.

The entire nearby region, but above all the city of Kitzbühel itself, is crisscrossed by lines of force and many local places are very strong powerhouses. To live here can certainly be felt as something very special.